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About ILEC 2024

ILEC 2024 will focus on Legal Professionals in a digitising world. Digitisation within the justice sector has primarily consisted of the use of relatively simple assisting technologies, such as automated case management, digital filing, and search engines. More recently, more complex applications have been deployed by law firms, courts and law enforcement agencies, such as the use of expert systems, predictive analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies. Also, the market for legal self-help apps has been growing rapidly. In addition, several jurisdictions are now experimenting with online courts, whose primary function is to adjudicate high-volume, low-value claims.

The ILEC 2024 aims to contribute to the scholarly, professional and public debate on the use of new technologies within the justice sector and on the regulatory responses so far both in Europe and abroad, from the perspective of legal ethics and the rule of law. By means of keynotes lectures, roundtable sessions and a special stream on the topic of Legal Ethics and New Technologies in the Justice System several fundamental themes and questions will be addressed.

The ILEC 2024 will be organised in close cooperation with the Netherlands Bar and many other relevant partners.

The organizing committee will consist of:

  • Prof. Iris van Domselaar. Conference director. Professor of Legal Philosophy and Legal Ethics at the University of Amsterdam. Director of the ACLPA.
  • Dr. Tamara Butter. Assistant Professor in Sociology of Law at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Dr. Eric Boot. Assistant Professor in Legal Philosophy and Legal Ethics
  • Ihlara Bouwman (BSc). Student-assistant for ACLPA and ILEC 2024.

Collaboration partner:

  • The Netherlands Bar (NOvA)

Further information will be posted on this website in due course. For questions and other inquiries, contact

About the ACLPA

The ACLPA is a centre of interdisciplinary expertise on the legal professions, legal ethics and access to justice, and is a part of the Amsterdam Law School. It reflects on the place and role of the legal professions in the pursuit of justice and the protection of fundamental rights. The ACLPA provides research, education, advice, training, lectures and workshops in the field of the legal professions and access to justice.