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Digital Justice connects a number of themes of the ACLPA. Technological applications can potentially increase access to justice. Legal information will become more available to citizens, which will increase self-reliance. Legal services can be provided more efficiently and matters can also be handled faster, more evenly and more clearly with governments and the judiciary. At the same time, there is a great risk in digitization of and in the law. The Computer says no, discriminatory investigative methods or little regard for people are examples of problems that must be prevented. The Digital Justice theme focuses on the role of the lawyer, the search for preconditions for and the possibilities of technological applications.

Relevant Publications

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Dr J.M.L. (Anna) van Duin

Faculty of Law

Dep. Private Law

Mr. R.D. (Rachel) Rietveld

Faculty of Law

Labour Law

R. (Rolf) Ortlep

Faculty of Law

Constitutional and Administrative Law

Prof. I. (Iris) van Domselaar

Faculty of Law

Dep. Jurisprudence